Week 1-4: Welcome to the Team


Up until this point in INB379 I had been having difficulty finding a team; as pitches had been made and teams already formed while I must have been sleeping, or something of the sort. However, today, I thought, today is the first day of buckling down and finding a team with an idea that I could be passionate about.

Unfortunately, by this stage all of the teams that gave pitches that I found attractive in the lectures so far seemed full or at least consolidated enough to not need any more members. Or so I thought, until an group email went out from the team entitled Scope It Down Studios who are developing a game concept I rather liked the idea of; called “I Am Zer0”. The team were requesting more members, so I replied, offering up my skills as a programmer and slight designer on the side. Thankfully, today my request was accepted and I was invited to the team!

This blog post is about finding my feet in this subject, I suppose. I wasn’t around for the first initial game concept briefing that was held by my team but I have thoroughly read the notes of the meeting and can see some of the other ideas that were tossed around before settling on this final concept. I will go into the concept itself more in depth in the next post, as well as my thoughts on it and any contributions I could make, but for now my understanding of everyone else’s vision is that the game concept is about taking the form of a pathogen represented by a gaseous cloud and carefully selecting the first patient to infect; that is, Patient Zero; you are pitted against another player with the same objective. From this point onward the game is about using your infected, or more accurately, possessed vessel to spread the virus to the entire town (or perhaps the world if we were developing more than just a demo at this stage), faster than the other player. To make gameplay more interesting, the AI of the villagers will make attempts to destroy either player’s virus if they detect that it is spreading too aggressively, leading to the player to require a strategic approach to out-infect the other player.

Quite frankly, the game reminds me a bit of other games I have played in the past, but as this post is getting quite lengthy I will discuss more about this in the next post. All I can say at this stage is that I am grateful to be invited to the team of what I can only see to be passionate individuals, to help develop a game concept that also chimes with me. In future posts, as a programmer for the game, I will be looking more into how the other developers and I plan to use Unreal Engine and C++ to design and prototype this game. It is likely that even as early as the planning stage we can get to designing, prototyping and perhaps even testing methods and code snippets corresponding to various aspects of gameplay.

Until next time! If you were reading this, it’s time to wake up 😉
– J



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