Week 7: Changes for feasibility of concept

Our animator, Lexi discussed with the team about how despite Dante’s Inferno being a good inspiration source for our upcoming game, Little Death, it is a lot of modelling work so it is best to think of individual level concepts and develop the best one for our prototype. Here are some initial notes on the level designs:

Each environment is an island with walls around the side, invisible barrier walls.
Can see a void off edge of map, featuring different backgrounds depending on which level the player is in.

Treachery (Tutorial) level (Satan)

  • Satan is your “friend”, he teaches you the game’s mechanics
  • Environment is ice floor

Fraud level :

  • Geyron is 3 animals stitched together, in a cool way to look like a Chimera

Heresy level:

  • “Pit of Demons” horde of fraudulent souls
  • Similar to “Royal Rat Vanguard” from Dark Souls II
  • Can use darkness in this level
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-chFaiS6pek
    • Small sprites of darkness that compose one large shadowy creature
    • Large model will need to be comprised of several models to use as it shrinks
    • Can we use light based mechanics to defeat this boss?
  • Environment: will be in a graveyard style level

Gluttony level:

  • Boss: Cerberus, three heads of gluttony
    • Desserts (ice-cream and sweets) (centre head)
    • Fast food (Hamburgers and fries)
    • Italian food (spaghetti and pizza)
  • Environment: snowy and ice-frozen
    • Can take place inside a fridge

Potential extra levels

Lust level

  • Originally Minos, represented in our game giant with snake

Last level

  • Busted Satan out of hell
  • He turns on you as you find out he is actually evil
  • (Will we actually do this?)

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