Week 10: Object Collisions and Heresy Boss Mechanics

This week was in the thick of developing the mechanics for our prototype level, Heresy, in Unreal Engine. I was tasked on working several of the boss mechanics, including:

  • Damaging the player
  • Taking damage from the player
  • Being stunned from hitting key objects in the level
    • Boss is only damageable while stunned.

Although the boss is meant to be a giant frog for this level, the model was not ready yet so tests for both the player character and enemy were done using the default model man in Unreal. After everything was compiled into one project, the other team members’ work, including simple rigging of the main character was included and can be seen in the demo video on the team’s YouTube channel here.

An overview of all the mechanics completed for this week:

Destroying the objects which stun the boss upon boss touching them


The boss stun mechanic (above) and the monitoring vulnerability-when-stunned struct (below)


The player loses health when touches boss


The boss mechanics for losing health when vulnerable, and also stopping AI movement when stunned.


Next week the prototype will be nearing completion as almost all the mechanics are complete and the remaining models just need to be rigged and animated.


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