Week 11: Battle Phases, Projectiles, and Breakable Objects

This week’s work mainly revolved around creating boss phases for the boss battle. The original plan was that the boss, after reaching 50% health or less, periodically goes to the centre of the arena to fire projectiles. This is planned to be made more challenging to avoid in the future, but here are the mechanics for now.


Boss trigger function for phase 2 when activated:18553859_1379334762159008_246261876_o

Player taking damage from projectiles:18516436_1379333792159105_847070225_o

Destroying projectiles that touch the player:18552796_1379334068825744_1392627786_o

Detecting if boss is below 50% health:18516845_1379334245492393_597314379_o


Projectile tracking function:

18519069_1379334582159026_427772957_oBelow is a demo of the culmination of this code.


The other main task that was completed this week related to breakable objects, which when hit by the player, spawn the usual boss stun object below (perhaps to symbolise eventually, a flask being broken to splash liquid that harms the boss on the ground below it).


A demo of this can also be seen in the video below.


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