Dev Week 1: Update and Weekly Tasks

Over the holidays my work has mainly shifted from focusing on code design to sound and music design.  I have been tasked with creating the background music for the game as well as completing the list of sounds. The brunt of this work will be completed over the first 3 weeks of the semester (with hopefully the opportunity to perform final mastering of the sound later in the semester).

Each week I will need to complete at least one set of sounds for each level and one background track for the corresponding level. This week, in addition to completing the soundtrack and sound list for the Treachery level, I will also need to incorporate the base sounds for Lil’ Death and Lil’ Satan. The next 2 weeks after that will solely focus on the sound list and BGM for Heresy and Greed, respectively.

After the first 3 weeks Bob, the current producer for this game until completion, has tasked me with contributing to Unreal code related to the ambience and overall aesthetic of the gameplay mixed with the game environment, something that I will be working closely with Lexi on. As I learn more about what’s required for this I plan to blog about it.

For now, my work mainly focuses on music composition and sound design and will shape up to be a busy next 3 weeks!


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