Dev Week 6: UI and Minor Fixes

This week I focused on fixing sound bugs and also first stages of implementing the UI elements from graphics that Lexi provided.

Task Time Spent (hours)
Sound-related tasks Diagnosis and fixing of minor sound bugs in Treachery and removing player character sounds with negative feedback in playtesting. 4h
Adding missing sounds and diagnosis/fixing sound bugs in Greed level. 3h
Creating dialogue sound switchers to accompany character dialogue for Lil’ Lucifer and (big) Lucifer. 4h
UI-related tasks Sourcing appropriate fonts to use for the game. 2h
Time spent learning about UMG layouts for UI manipulation. 2h
Modifying resources supplied by Lexi to fit in-game. 1h
Redesign start menu and pause menu with updated UI graphics. 2h
Implementing custom player HUD and starting work on interactive triggers for display (depending on player’s current health). 3h
21 hours


I started my work this week with implementing a dialogue switcher for Lucifer’s dialogue sound effects.

This is simply an array of Sound References, one for each of the dialogue sound clips I made for Lucifer. The implementation here was for the Hellevator sequences, so I used his longer collection of vocal sounds that I synthesized. This array was connected to a random integer generator in order to set the sound of an Audio Component in game to a random sound in the array. This audio would then be played; this struct was designed to trigger on activating Lucifer’s dialogue when standing in the Hellevator.


Another task for this week was tracking sound bugs in the Heresy and Greed level. The majority of sound bugs that occur in both levels relate to sounds that should only play once looping because they are initiated every tick of the Heresy blueprint. These bugs could be fixed with a well placed “DoOnce” command which resets and allows the sound to be played again after a secondary condition is met. However, it was quite time consuming monitoring the event graph while conducting test runs of the game so as to know where exactly to place the DoOnce commands.


Finally, I started putting together the UI graphics that Lexi provided this week and implementing them. This was also after spending some time sourcing potential fonts for use in the game, as well as cutting Lexi’s graphics down to size where necessary so that they would work in the game.

I had to learn a bit about how Widget and UMG layouts in Unreal Engine are put together and what components to use to achieve various effects such as overlays, image backgrounds etc.

Once I had got the hang of this, this week I focused on the Title Menu, Pause Menu and the Player avatar managing the Health and Stamina bars in game. I also started working towards implementing the code to make this interactive (so that I can show different avatars when the player is at different levels of health, etc.)


The tasks for next week are as follows:

  • Implementing Treachery sounds when free to do this
  • Upgrade the Dodge roll to be directional and thus work with strafing
  • Lil’ Lucifer’s real time dialogue sounds (matching a new system proposed by the team)
  • Implementing remaining UI elements
  • Other doable tasks from backlog if time.




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