Dev Week 10: Finishing off music

Fairly short blog post this week, as I’ve detailed a lot of the processes I’ve used for my sound in music design in previous blog posts. I will aim to just show the fruits of my labour 🙂 Here’s the work breakdown for this week:

Task Time Spent (hours)
Music-related tasks Planning, writing and producing Greed theme to completion 17h
Planning, writing and producing Hellevator level theme to completion 22h
Planning, writing and producing Main Menu theme to completion 9h
Tasks in engine Adjusting balance of various sounds in-game. 2h
Implementing all music in levels and balancing with level sounds. 1h
Sound-related tasks Work completed on sounds in missing asset list 4h
55 hours

The unusally high amount of hours logged is because this is actually 2 weeks’ worth of work; as we had a mid-semester break and our team has not had individual critiques of our work on this game for a fortnight.

So without further ado, here are links to the remaining planned music tracks for the game, which have now all been completed! 🙂

Theme for the Greed level. Since the lead instrument is a music box, it was challenging to find the right balance between variety and the expected repetitiveness, but the end result was fittingly chilling.

“Elevator music” theme for the Hellevator area itself! The coolest thing about this track is that it uses the same melodic idea as Treachery (Lucifer’s theme). [Listen to the Treachery theme here]
Out of all the tracks in Hellevator, this one was the most fun, and I invested a lot of time in this one making sure it was extra polished. 😉

Theme for the Main Menu. This one is a super simple loop. It’s no Dearly Beloved, but I hope it captures the dark fantasy and cutesy elements of the game simultaneously without sounding too much like Runescape, either. ^^”

I also did a tiny bit of work in engine implementing this track as well as adjusting its balance with the rest of the sound profile for the Heresy level. I’ll be able to show another extra sound showcase next week as the culmination of the small amount of work I did on it this week, and the probably large amount next week.

Tasks for next week:

  • Finish and implement sounds in missing asset list
  • Make a plan for creating a web presence with an independent website at the centre
  • Research and make initial steps towards logging transmittable game data in Unreal

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