Dev Week 11: Remaining Sounds

This week I finished off the remaining sounds that were added to the specification as missing from the game. I then completed some work in Unreal implementing them.

Task Time Spent (hours)
Sound-related tasks Sourcing new base content for set of remaining sounds missing from game. 3h
Mixing list of remaining sounds featured in blog post below. 10h
Tasks in engine Implementing missing sounds in engine. Adjusting balance of in-level sounds, especially in Greed level. 1h
Creating sounds switchers for alternating sounds on the same action. 2h
16 hours

As I have explained a lot about the processes I use to create sounds in previous blog posts, I will keep it simple this time and just import the sounds created below. I ran into some issues with my video editing software this week so instead to showcase the remaining sounds I created a SoundCloud using the team’s Google account, and uploaded the remaining sounds there.

“Pop” sound in the Treachery level when Lucifer transforms:


Assortment of new, higher quality pain sounds (linked to sound switcher in engine)


Assortment of rock crumbling sounds for more variety in Treachery level (linked to sound switcher in engine)


Greater variety of empowered scythe impact sounds (linked to sound switcher in engine). In the Greed level, this layered with the additional teddy hit and death sounds will yield a wide variety of combat sounds.


Finally, another type of teddy hit sound (non-squeak) in addition to the current hit squeak and death squeak.  A sound switcher will be created for this.

Tasks for next week:

  • Building a splash page promotional website on local XAMPP server.
  • Looking into domain and hosting options and bringing it up with team.
  • Font, death screen and overall UX work which has been improperly delegated up until now.

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