Dev Week 12: Website Building

This week I finished off the remaining sounds that were added to the specification as missing from the game. I then completed some work in Unreal implementing them.

Task Time Spent (hours)
Sound-related tasks Planning suitable design for website. Building from scratch. 4h
Building prototype of website on local XAMPP server 11h
Setup for some integrated services such as MailChimp + embedding correctly in website prototype 4h
Unreal + other tasks Fixing a github branch mixup which pulled very old files into current build 2h
Implementing interactive main menu and pause menu; interact states + sound 3h
24 hours

This week the majority of the work that I completed was on a website prototype for our game. Despite suggestions from my team and other people to use WordPress to do this, I was getting a bit sick of WordPress (case in point: this blog) and so I decided to design and build it from the ground up, using HTML/CSS and a bit of JS running on a local XAMPP Apache server on my machine for now.

I used Visual Studio Code mainly as my IDE whilst building this website as it is flexible and versatile as an editor.

I managed to get the website up to a standard where it looks presentable as a splash page, seen below. Worth noting is that I built this site to be entirely responsive design, meaning it can be viewed correctly on almost any existing mobile, tablet or desktop device.

More work is required, for example I plan to put a drop down menu between the banner section and the text.

You may also notice the subscribe link. Although this is a prototype site, that link is fully functional and puts your name on a MailChimp mailing list that I set up and integrated with this site, which was a bit of a pain; especially to get it formatting correctly.

Apart from that, the other work that I completed this week was rather mind numbing but with a satisfying result. Below is a small snippet of the code required in UE4’s Widget Blueprint Event Graphs to use button events to make interactive menus. This code allowed the buttons to change state on hover, click, release etc. Sounds were also implemented.

Despite not wanting to do it again, the result was rather satisfying as the sounds and reactive buttons make our game’s menus feel more arcade-style. I was also glad to get a nice-looking pause menu background designed by Lexi into the game finally:

It’s such a relief to finally have a fully functional menu system which is also satisfying to use.

Tasks for next week:

  • Finishing off website prototype
  • Looking into domain and hosting options (still haven’t done this!)
  • Implementing fonts and death screens.
  • Recreating the sound work that was lost last week due to the incident with our GitHub.

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